To put it simply, we do it because we know that our methods genuinely work and can change lives. Our coaches find nothing more fulfilling than helping a learner to trust, learn and grow.

  • We make BOLD claims about the work that we do at The Seeds of Change
  • We make BOLD claims about the way that horses can help all of us to overcome challenges in life which limit our ability or potential in some way.
  • We can do this, because we have almost 15 years of experience working with thousands of people and have seen the results for ourselves.
  • We set ourselves a simple target to enable people to make a change in their life for good. To meet that objective, we are flexible, agile, experienced and totally focused on every individual who works with us - constantly refining and adapting our sessions to meet the present needs as they arise, but always focused on a longer-term objective as defined at the start.
  • We are continuously learning and developing our work, and never cease stretching the potential of what can be achieved, whether that be in the real or virtual world. Every day we witness new and amazing ways our horses and clients interact with each other and this inspires the way we work. After all, the most important therapeutic tool is the connection between client and horse – we are just the facilitators!
  • We work with adults, families and children. We are commissioned by Local Authorities, schools, support agencies, and parents, both as funded and private referrals.
  • We have worked with more than 5000 clients, many of whom are children who are highly vulnerable or are experiencing socially debilitating conditions and present a vast array of behaviours when they are referred to us. Some of the stories of what they have achieved are simply amazing. View our case studies and testimonials to discover more…
  • We can deliver sessions in person and virtual courses - more details of these can be found here.

If you are looking for a fresh, non-judgemental, confidential, and effective way to move forwards in life, then consider The Seeds of Change. We cannot think of a better place to start to make a change for life than outside in the fresh air with a horse.

Please get in touch to find out more about our approach and the way our sessions work.

  • We offer sessions on a 1-1 basis which aim to overcome specific challenges.
  • We offer supportive group sessions which can aid social development, help to build relationships, and encourage confidence and positive interactions in the wider social environment.
  • We offer a range of academic courses which support educational development and transition into the workplace, including City and Guilds qualifications.
  • We adhere to strict Safeguarding and Compliance documents and procedures to meet all Educational Standards.
  • And most excitingly we can also now offer our work virtually to enable clients from further away to access our work too.