Over the Easter break, The Seeds of Change took time out from working with young people to focus on adults and their wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Day invited a group of adults to our beautiful rural site nestled in the Northamptonshire countryside to focus on how to make time for self care and why it is so imporant, particularly as most of us have neglected many of our habits and strategies over the past two years.

Using a combination of equine facilitated learning, cognative behavioural therapy and our own unique TSOC approach, the delegates took part in a series of activities and sessions in the fresh spring air, which encouraged self-reflection and provided an opportunity to rebalance, refocus and re-energise the mind, body and soul.

Feedback from the day was incredibly positive:

” It has really made me reflect on how I prioritise time.”

“Everyone in our workplace should do this course, I can see how it owuld help us to work better as a team.”

“I have felt the pressure lift during our day and feel i am going away with some tools that can really helo me to feel less stressed”

If you are interested in learning more about our bespoke offering and how it can help you, your families or your employees, then please get in touch.

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