On Tuesday 1st December between 6.30 and 7.00pm we will be going LIVE on Facebook.

The Seeds of Change directors Katherine and Rachael will be online to talk about ‘How horses can help support us ALL when coping with uncertainty’.

In such changing times it’s probably fair to say that we are ALL dealing with uncertainty all of the time. When will we see our families or friends next? Will we still have jobs? What if we or our families contract Covid? How can I support my family better? How can I support myself better? Every individual has these feelings and there is NOBODY who can supply the answers.

Katherine and Rachael will be online to share their experiences and offer an insight into how, during such changing times, horses can offer SO much to enable us to cope.

There will be a chance to ask questions or comment throughout, so please set your timers and JOIN US and if you have questions before hand then message them through and we will try and answer them on the night.

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