Recently, The Seeds of Change was very pleased to welcome a group of Education Physiologists to our Northamptonshire site to understand first-hand the benefits of therapeutic intervention using animals, in particular horses.

The physiologists in attendance were employed by the Local Authority in Northamptonshire.  They had been commissioned to work with schools and their students who are experiencing barriers to their learning and general engagement in their education, due to social and emotional issues.

Most of the members of the group had heard about the work that The Seeds of Change does around re-engaging young people into social and educational situations using Equine Facilitated Learning techniques. All were keen to understand more about the process of finding innovative in-roads and creative ways to enable young people to begin to work through their personal traumas and challenges.  They also wanted to learn about the strategies we encourage young people to adopt which enable them to move forwards with their lives in a progressive and sustainable way with a more resilience, confidence and self-belief.

Katherine Dillon, The Seeds of Change Director, facilitated a lecture and demonstration with lots of practical application around the transferable learning opportunities and life skills awareness that can be utilised in the clients’ everyday lives.

She explained how the EFL approach works and how it is so successful for the range of needs that are presented to coaches at The Seeds of Change by the young people who attend sessions. In Northamptonshire alone, over the 15 years that The Seeds of Change has been operating, the team has worked with over two thousand clients of mixed ages and emotional needs, positively transforming the path of many lives. And the case studies and testimonials speak for themselves…

The physiologists left with a greater understanding of The Seeds of Change’s work and its benefits to young people that they work with. They were also reminded of the importance of working in an outdoor and natural environment, the power of horses to assist in connection, personal grounding, empathy, sense of purpose, compassion and a greater understanding of self and others.

They remarked: “The day was extremely informative with lots of practical application and open discussion delivered with passion.  The clean, calm expansive and welcoming outdoor environment was also a personal reminder about how valuable the outdoors is to our well-being.”

If you are interested in discovering more about The Seeds of Change approach, please contact us today.

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