A scenic pathway to learning

  • The Seeds of Change has worked with vulnerable young people for more than 14 years.  
  • Our unique approach has enabled many young people to identify their barriers to learning and manage these in a way that enables engagement back into education and life in general.
  • We have witnessed first-hand the benefits that working outdoors, with animals and nature, brings to an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing and levels of engagement.
  • Wild for Life is an extension of our existing work and builds on our knowledge, experience, expertise and passion for delivering learning opportunities outdoors.

Our courses celebrate the Countryside and everything that we can learn from nature and being outdoors. This approach is known as Ecotherapy. We focus on:

  • Building Resilience
  • Improving Wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

This new and exciting offering aims to increase exposure to outdoor experiences for all; to engage with and spark the imagination of children, adults, teachers and families; to encourage them to get closer to nature; and to inspire them to build outdoor activities and an awareness for the environment into their daily routines, not simply to improve health, but out of pure enjoyment.

Why go wild?

Our programmes are accessible, timely, structured and effective. They are tailored to the requirements of the individuals with which we are working, and the varied environments (the opportunities and limitations) from where the programmes take place.

In schools our courses are particularly efficient at delivering the therapeutic early intervention that often makes the difference between remaining in school and a more negative route that can lead to exclusion. As an outreach offering, there are no added costs with transportation and the school can focus on enabling their teachers to focus on the needs of the majority of students.

Utilising the outdoors whilst still being in school creates an “alternative” extra-curricular feel for a student whilst reducing costs and other issues for the school.

Impact reports can be provided with a direct link to the learning objectives and this facilitates the school’s ability to provide Ofsted with information about the use of specific pupil funding.

Using the many scenarios that nature presents as metaphors for our own lives our courses enable children as young as 4-5 to really make meaningful changes in their behaviour and focus in school and at home.

Who do we work with?


We work in schools, alongside teachers and using green spaces that are available. We hope to inspire a cross-school culture that is sustainable across the curriculum and directly impacts those who are not making expected progress towards greater confidence and achievement. Read more


We work with families who want to support their children to grow up able to make positive choices for themselves. This comes from resilience, confidence, awareness and communication. Education about the realities of life and the confidence to make the right choice when faced with that decision at any point in their future.


We also work with organisations who take their employee wellbeing seriously; organisations that understand that stress in life will automatically be reflected in the workplace through increased health risk, low productivity and absenteeism. We can help your team to develop strategies to manage more effectively their own wellbeing in a sustainable and responsible way and look at how your organisation can use existing facilities and outdoor spaces to support employee wellbeing.

Public and Third sectors

We work with charities, voluntary organisations and public sector bodies such as the police, NHS and department of education as well as rural organisations to increase awareness about the numerous community activities that exist to become more active and engaged in the world around them. We will signpost schools and families to people and places where there is sustainable ongoing support so this activity becomes a 360 degree offering, not something only to be experienced in school, or at home or in isolated parts of their life.

Rural and local communities

We will work with farmers and the community to promote direct access and engagement with where our food comes from and how our food choices affect all areas of our life, from our health to the landscape and countryside around us.

Health and wellbeing

We will contribute to social prescribing to reduce reliance on medication for people of all ages. Reducing the burden on the NHS but also enabling people to become, aware of potential health issues and more importantly how to avoid them altogether.