To put it simply, we do it because we know that our methods genuinely work and can change lives. Our coaches find nothing more fulfilling than helping a learner to trust, learn and grow.

  • We do it because we passionately believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be supported to achieve their full potential.
  • We do it because we want to see young people making the best life choices that they can and we believe that working with horses can really help them to achieve that.
  • We do it because we understand that we are not all born equal. We do not all have the same loving secure and nurturing environments to grow up in and we understand that sometimes negative behaviour is a way of protecting ourselves.
  • We do it because we know this approach works and really develops transferrable skills, enabling us to make more appropriate and informed choices in our everyday lives.
  • We do it because we all lose our way sometimes, need a little support and a place to turn to where we feel understood.

Many young people in our societies have transient lives and are surrounded by uncertainty and trauma. Some suffer from anxiety due to a previous life experience. We create an emotionally and physically safe environment where individuals can come and have their emotional needs supported.

We work with horses because they are non-judgemental. They create a quiet and reflective environment and are very intuitive to our feelings. Through working with the horses our learners experience a positive sense of connection and participation and form a connection that is both uplifting and inspiring, learning to identify other ways to express their emotions to achieve encouraging, productive results.