Anyone! … Literally everyone can benefit from being around horses. Horses are totally non-judgemental, they don’t care if you are a Teenage Mum or a Company Director.

  • Although much of our work is with young people (from 5 – 19 years old), we also work with adults who are wanting to develop their own skills.
  • Anyone who has encountered trauma in either their past or present. Horses can build our confidence and self-esteem and help us to develop strategies to help us in our everyday life.
  • Young people who are disengaged from mainstream education and require an intervention that supports them in overcoming barriers to learning.
  • Anyone with negative stereotypes, low aspirations or low self-worth.
  • For those wanting to achieve additional qualifications, we offer City and Guilds Employability Skills, Land-based or Functional Skills in Maths and English.
  • Young people who have encountered serious emotional and physical trauma, social deprivation, bereavement, domestic violence.
  • Specialist conditions such as selective mutism, self-harm, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, addictions or offending behaviour, as well as mental health problems, anxiety disorders and autism, and related conditions.