During the last week of term we launched our Learner Line to enable those who attend our provision and are not able to currently access it the opportunity to “click or call” to contact us and arrange a telephone call to support them during such difficult times.

We would now like to go further and extend our offer to anyone who may be experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety at the present time within the Northants, Beds or Cambs regions where we work.

Katherine Dillon, who is a Co-Director of The Seeds of Change, has many years of experience in coaching young people and families who are looking for positive ways to manage their anxieties and stress levels. Katherine is now offering you the opportunity to talk through any stress or anxiety the the current pandemic has brought upon you or your family.

Although we traditionally work with horses as co-coaches at The Seeds of Change, our approach has pioneered strategies that can be used remotely to support individuals between their sessions enabling them to feel listened to and to assist in developing strategies to cope in everyday life.

This approach uses a technique called Motivational Intervention and is effective at enabling individuals to resolve their own issues through careful coaching and support.

It is this approach we would be offering to those who want to make use of it.

If you are struggling and want someone to talk to in a confidential and non-judgemental way, then Katherine is offering free 20 minute support sessions as part of The Seeds of Change desire to help manage trauma in our community.

If you would like to book a session with Katherine, please email, in the first instance, enquiries@theseeds.co.uk outlining your availability and contact details and Katherine will respond to you within a few hours with a suggested time slot.

All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence and no contact information shared will be used for any other contact or purposes.

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