Continuing on the successful series of “How horses are helping young people to turn their lives around” which offered an Introduction to Equine Facilitated Learning – Katherine Dillon is hosting a further workshop from 10am-11am on Tuesday, 21 July offering an insight into “How horses can help us to overcome anxiety.”

This FREE 1 hour workshop will explain how horses are natural co-facilitators in supporting those of us who suffer with severe anxiety.

Over the past 14 years, The Seeds of Change have worked with more than 4500 young people. Anxiety is a common condition and it is sadly something that is on the increase. Mental health professionals are expecting huge increases in the number of people experiencing anxiety post Covid and so this webinar is intended to be timely and also an opportunity to reach out for support if you or a family member or student in your school is suffering with this condition.

Horses are non-judgemental and offer a therapeutic environment in which to build confidence and overcome fears, however deep rooted they may be. Learn how they can be used as a co-facilitator in delivering transformational learning for those experiencing this debilitating condition.

The Seeds of Change Workshops are always backed up by real life examples of how the approach has worked with specific clients and this workshop is no different. There will be at least 1 example of how this intervention really has delivered remarkable results to a client who’s life was literally paralysed by anxiety.

Places are limited for this webinar so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.



14 years ago Katherine Dillon and Rachael Frossell established The Seeds of Change because they both believed passionately in improving life chances for young people who through no fault of their own may be struggling to engage in school, due to past life events or trauma.

Using horses Katherine and Rachael have continually developed new and more innovative ways to work with young people living with all kinds of SEMH issues and continue to adapt their programmes to the specific needs of the learner in a tailored provision focused on supporting those in some of the most challenging life situations and with the highest levels of trauma and vulnerability.

Having worked across 5 counties in the South East of England their work continues to grow and develop. In the ever changing social context of gangs, drugs, county lines and exploitation in addition to increasing numbers of young people suffering with mental health issues such as anxiety, self harming, eating disorders and selective mutism to name just a few, they continue to support young people to truly turn their lives around.


How will the workshops work?

A Zoom Link will be emailed to you 24 hours before the event – if you have any questions please email


We look forward to you joining us.

The Seeds of Change Team

Places are limited so please click here to book.