7-9pm – 04.04.19 – WOOTTON LOWER SCHOOL
Supported by Bedfordshire Police, CYPFirst and The Seeds of Change

How much do you know about County Lines and how it could affect YOUR Child?
How can we protect our own children if we don’t understand their world?

Like many of us, you may have heard news reports about ‘County Lines’ and ‘Gangs’ and initiatives by Police forces across the country to try to combat this.

You probably haven’t considered that it could impact your own children and the world in which they are growing up is very different to the world and dangers that we encountered as adolescents?

As a Director of The Seeds of Change and in connection with the work that we do with young people, I was aware of the risk that our learners encounter as part of their every day lives. What I had not considered was that my own teenage son could be at risk or aware of this activity and that as a parent I was really in the dark about the reality of my own teenagers world. How can I really protect my own child if I have no understanding of his life away from home?

If you would like to learn more about the reality of being a teenager and growing up in our communities right now, then we would like to invite you to attend an evening hosted by Bedfordshire Police and The Seeds of Change on Thursday 4th April 2019 at Wootton Lower School from 7pm until 9 pm.

The Keynote Speakers will be from CYP First (Children and Young People First), an organisation which aims to create greater awareness around this topic and to support the young people, families and communities involved.

CYP First will discuss how to recognise, respond and support young people who are groomed for Criminal Exploitation. Additionally, they will explore Gang culture, the effects of social media, music and terminology; look at the grooming process, local and national threat, use of the NRM, disruption tools; and work on your counter narrative.

The information covered in this evening is relevant to all; whether you are a parent or carer, work in education, communities or welfare, or simply wish to have a better understanding of an issue which is prevalent and affecting our communities now.

Places are limited and tickets are £10 pp.
Ticket prices cover event admin costs only and any profits will be donated to charities linked to this important issue.
Book your place.

7-9pm on Thursday, 4th April
Wooton Lower School, MK43 9FZ
Supported by Bedfordshire Police, CYPFirst and The Seeds of Change

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